What type of neon do you use?

We are one of very few suppliers that use both LED Acrylic Neon or Flex Neon. The reason for this is because we want to be able to cater to a larger range of client needs and design requirements. 

Will the sign heat up?

Neon lights will never heat up to more than a mild warm touch.

Are they safe to hang around wood or fabric?

Yes, they are very safe to have on for long periods, and are safe around materials such as wood.

How do I hang my sign?

Hire signs will come with pre-drilled holes ready for you to hang with the fishing wire included with your sign. Fishing wire is the most common choice as it can hold up to 20kg and is almost invisible.

How do I get my sign from you?

You can pick up your sign from our studio at 2 James St, Geelong. Alternative pick up and drop off times may be able to be made upon request. We can offer a courier service also at a small extra cost.