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Krystal & Luke

Dec 14 , 2019

Krystal & Luke

This is the Wedding of Krystel and Luke. A day that started in a plant nursery and ended in an underground nightclub, there is no doubt Krystel and Luke's Wedding was something pretty spectacular. 
In 50 words or less what sums up your Wedding day and theme-
As two of the more unique members of our families, we decided to look at elements of a traditional wedding and add our own untraditional touches. In the end everyone agreed, the day was in every way, perfectly us. Starting in a plant nursery in Melbourne and ending in an underground nightclub, it was perfect.

How did you first meet?
On a girls night out and a couple of lemonades in, I left the girls to ask the venue manager of the nightclub for a job. After the interview the next evening, we decided to kick on and the next thing we knew, it was 3am in chinatown. By the time I made it home, he had asked for a second round interview. Two weeks after that, we were dating and agreed I needed to find employment elsewhere.

How long did you have to plan your special day?
5 months

Where did you get your inspiration from? Did you use any specific websites/apps or planning tools?
Pinterest, and our imaginations

Did you have a theme in mind for the day? If so what was it?
A fabulous untraditionally, traditional wedding.

How many guests attended the day?
80 at the ceremony and 100 at the reception

Where was the ceremony held?
Glasshaus Outside in Melbourne 

And the reception?
Bond Melbourne

Tell us about the finer details?
White, black and pink.
Cotton balls sticks, pink roses, eucalyptus leaves with gum nuts, silver leaves and other Australian fauna.
Table settings-
Gold lanterns and picture frames, white balloons and cotton ball sticks.
Custom LED neon sign by Neon Jungle 
We had a beautiful 3 tiered red velvet wedding cake served with Baskin Robbins “Love Potions #31” ice cream
The brides aunt sung La Vie en Rose during the ceremony. The father daughter dance was a rock and roll style dance to Queen - Crazy little thing called love and was rudely interrupted by the groom, his mother and an impromptu guitar solo.
Champagne tower and Twister room for the kids (and Groom)

Favourite part of the day?
His favourite:
When he dipped his wife and kissed her for the first time as her husband

Hers favourite:
Sneaking away for cheeky moments on rooftops and dancing our way through Melbourne laneways

Advice for other couples planning their day?
Focus on each other and let the professionals do their jobs.

Supplier credit-
Photographer: Corinna and Dylan
Neon sign: Neon Jungle Events
Videographer: And Ever Collective
Florist: Stem and Petal
Caterers: Red Door Corner Store
Desserts: Desserts by Lisa Van Zanten / Baskin Robbins